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Wrestlemania and Post WM 30 Raw wrap up

We came, we saw and though the story lines say it was Brock Lesnar who conquered – history will remember that this WWE moment begins and ends with Daniel Bryan.  I have way too many thoughts on both Wrestlemania and … Continue reading

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Wrestlemania 30 Predictions!

Talk about down to the wire! The Usos match already started but I am gonna post anyways… Here it is! My second to last WWE post of 2014 and straight up there is no art, no deep thought just straight … Continue reading

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It’s Too Late to Apologize

Let me be the first to say that I definitely fit the Canadian stereotype of being too apologetic.  Combine that with an Asian upbringing and it’s a wonder that I am not apologizing for the possibility that I might be … Continue reading

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So after all that… I’m gonna start with the WWE.

“Whether you like it or not, learn to love it, because it’s the best thing going.” — Ric Flair So let me start things off by saying… I am rarely apologetic about the things I write but in this case … Continue reading

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Welcome to my world.

Simply stated these are the surplus thoughts of an unemployed sports marketer.  In my last job I was paid to write about things and I was good… But now I find myself lost with no place to put my ideas.  This … Continue reading

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