About Ohashi

Simply stated these are the surplus thoughts of a random sports marketer / PR person.   In my last job I was paid to write about hockey and I was good… Now I love my new job but the content is very different so I find myself lost with no place to put my ideas.  This blog is two fold – first it allows me to continue writing dispute my current state.  Second, it will allow me to put to words some of the many things I find myself ranting about on a weekly or daily basis.  Expect to see no shortage of the following: Hockey, Sports editorials, Sports marketing, Film reviews, Tales of my mad world, Food, Cooking and pro wrestling. BTW I promise to always put the pro wrestling last so if you feel you want to avoid it simply cut my post short by about 20 – 30 lines.

If you have any opinion on what you would like me to write about please share it with me.  A couple small background things… I have extensive experience working in the television and P.R. Industries.  I have worked for two WHL hockey clubs as a Communications Manager.  I am a former TV reporter and I have a degree in Sociology as well as a diploma in Television Broadcast and I currently work for the U of C Olympic Oval.

I love: Family – Friends – Hockey – Great Food – Good Whiskey – Cooking – Coach Taylor quotes – Large events – Fan participation – Diners, Drive ins and Dives – Free Birthday giveaways – HNIC intro videos – Film – Living in the greatest nation in the world – The brave people who fight for it – The Chicago Blackhawks – Pat Foley PBP – Big Cellys – Sunday NFL – Fantasy Football – Seeing first goals – Seeing first fights – Watching people succeed – A passion for whatever you do – Hanging out with the boys – Mom’s hangover breakfast – Helping out a friend

– Humility when things are up

– Courage when things are down

– Respecting the past

– Never looking back

– Diving into the future


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