Ohashi’s 15 Thoughts of the week

Apologies to Elliotte Freidman but I am going to steal his format for a week and present to you 15 thoughts on the worlds of sports, social media and entertainment.  I suppose since I am only half the man he is in the media world it makes sense that I would limit it to half the number he posts in his articles… Anyways – enjoy!
1. #PlayForPelssyRight off the top everyone should give this article on Kristians Pelss a read… Great writing by Alicia Siekierska from the Edmonton Journal.  I only have a couple stories about Pelssy but this article really deserves to stand on its own.  I will say it is incredibly difficult when something like this strikes a hockey team because great teams are like a family.  But like a family you always pull through it together.  Pelssy wouldn’t have had it any other way.    

2. Bow Down To The Kings – Speaking on the WHL my beloved Oil Kings took my advice and dropped a close game in Medicine Hat only to bounce back the next night and take a commanding 3-1 series lead into this weekend.  To me that was like the Moose Jaw Game Four loss in the 2012 WHL Championship run.  Better it happen now and in the end you had to figure Med Hat would steal one in their barn.  For anyone who hasn’t seen a playoff game at the Medicine Hat Arena I highly recommend adding it to your list of great venues. When they talk about the atmosphere of a junior hockey game in a small market having its charm – that rink is exactly what they are talking about.  

3. Patrick Kane’s OT Winner I am putting together a larger post on moments that change a series but for now I have to say I think the Patrick Kane OT winner will be the turning point for the Blackhawks who even during regulation last night seemed out of sorts.  It’s a pleasure to watch a player like Kane who despite some of his shortcomings off the ice is an undeniable superstar in the NHL.  You could see late in the third and during OT last night that he wanted the puck on his stick so badly.  Following a near miss earlier in the period that went off the cross bar – you had to know he had that game winning shot in his head.  In the theory of every game being a chess match I wonder if he even made that pass to Ben Smith so many times during the game to set up the chance to get that shot after looking him off in OT.  I suppose we will never know. Go Hawks!

4. And those other OT winners… Before everyone lights me up… Yes I realize the Granlund goal was better.  As my friend Paul Kingsmith described simply as “one man’s will to score”.  The only other comment I have on this insane first round is kudos to the folks in #Lumbus.  Those fans deserved a better fate than what they got in Game 3 and the Jackets delivered in Game 4.  Good for them on getting their first franchise win at home.  Don’t let anyone fool you – that place looked like it was rocking both nights.  Huge moment for that franchise, after moving the likes of Nash and Gaborik they finally turn the corner.  I don’t know that they go much further but still a huge moment for them nonetheless.   

5. The #BucciOvertimeChallenge is literally eating away at my being… I find myself choosing Bauer athletes / from the U.S. / who Buccigross doesn’t, just so I can try to cash in on a trifecta of prizing.  Also in case anyone was wondering I refuse to pick any Blues despite having the option.  Sorry TJ Oshie… I don’t like to mess with luck on things as serious as the Stanley Cup.

6. Free Glowsticks!: Just throwing this out there since it didn’t seem to catch on very well but I really liked the idea from the L.A. Kings Twitter feed (who also brought us #Lumbus) on including the fans in their opening video presentation.  I didn’t see the end result but I think it’s a push in the right direction… I say this because I suggested this once for a certain junior hockey team I used to represent.  Basically the idea would be to tell everyone to download an image and then have them hold it up during a certain time of your pregame intro.  It saves you money on glow sticks or another promote item that can only be seen in the opening and if done properly I think it’s a great way to build an interaction with your fans.  I thought of it being like the Blue Man Group LED… Some people will get that reference, others wont.


7. Also loved this from the Chicago Blackhawks twitter feed…


8. #DrinkThePink: Big shout out to BioSteel for acknowledging my vine and hooking a guy up with some free product to go with my order.  I’ll be sure to blast out a pic as soon as I receive it and hopefully will be able to work out hard enough that it doesn’t have a “Weight Gain 4000” effect on me.

9. Lebron – I have never been a big Lebron James fan but I have to say that the elbow he took last night was UFC worthy.  Even more ridiculous if that there was no flagrant called on the play.  I know it’s a slippery slope but with the NBA being possibly the most player driven of the big four (that is, the game which a single player has the most immediate impact for his team on a night in and night out basis) you would think the NBA would be making more of an effort to “protect” their top tier talent.  Like it or not players like Lebron, Blake Griffin and co. represent a massive portion of the leagues following.  The same way the NHL made it a point to protect the Crosby’s of the world the NBA should maybe follow suit.

10. My guilty pleasures are numerous but one of my favorite shows on TV right now is Master Chef Canada.  Congrats to the two finalists… I think Eric is going to bring this one home for Team Asia.  The more you watch every week you have the feeling that he has been working his way up towards a big showing in the finals.  All due respect to Marida but I think so far Eric has shown a little more versatility in his cooking.  As a complete side note on this show – Is there anything more Canadian than a Chinese-Canadian battling a Indian-Canadian in a final that will most likely feature Canadian inspired ingredients?  

11. Just try and tell me this doesn’t make your day… I am going to do another entry all about these kind of stories but for now just enjoy this gem.  Like I tweeted I always used to tell our guys the old cliché but it still stand to this day: It doesn’t take a lot to make a fan’s day.  It could be that fans 100th game or it could be his first but a moment like this is something he’ll never forget.  I don’t often give a lot of props to a player like Jordin TooToo but in this case it’s a “credit where it’s due” moment.  The kid’s reaction is nothing short of spectacular.

12. Had the chance to take in a rare film at the theatres this past weekend and it was Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel It was a great film that I really enjoyed but I would warn viewers before going to see it that like most of Anderson’s work it isn’t for everyone.  If you enjoyed the Royal Tenenbaums or the Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou then I would whole heartedly recommend this film to you.

13. I have pointed it out before… But everything coming out of the #PrayersforJK camp is incredibly moving.  Be sure to take a moment and read THIS article in particular.  It will change you perspective on a lot of things.

14.    WWE – Really disappointed in the turn the WWE has taken since Wrestlemania… But want to say a big shout out to the John Cena/Bray Wyatt feud.  They are the only part of Raw worth watching these days outside of Paul Heyman and Cesaro.

15. Have to take a moment to congratulate the aforementioned Paul Kingsmith on his Edward R. Murrow Award.  For those who don’t know it’s a pretty big deal even if Paul is the last person on the planet who would gloat over an award.  It has national recognition and it’s a once a career type of award that a lot of greats in the media have never been honored with.  This is a good chance for me to also tell you that Paul is legitimately one of the hardest workers in the business.  This should be a lesson to all of you up and coming reporters as Paul is now the Global Lethbridge Sports Director but be began his career years ago in such hotbeds as Terrace, BC and Swift Current, SK.  Congrats Paulie! I am very proud to call you former co-worker and a great friend.  Your award is very well deserved.  

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  1. Rick Jackosn says:

    Great job Ryan, enjoyed the read! Rick J

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