Thank You!

I am very humbled that this Blog received over 10,000 views in the past 30 hours following my post in praise of our Athletic Therapists.  Let me just say thanks…

The comments and feedback I received from all of you was amazing and I really am blown away that, that many people would take the time to read a bunch of words I put to paper.

Everything I write comes from the heart so it really meant a lot to me to have complete strangers offer me positive feedback on my work.  To be honest I did not expect it and it absolutely made my week during a time when I haven’t had a lot of wins as of late.   Thank you all!


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3 Responses to Thank You!

  1. Leslie-Anne O says:

    Ryan Ohashi, your a celeb! I always knew you had it in you! Miss your smile buddy! RTA reunion, we should make it happen!


  2. Leslie-Anne O. says:

    Ah! Fendelet no longer my friend 🙂 One perfect example of why a Reunion is in order! Ill do some facebook creeping and see if we can gather some old friends up

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